Development of our logo from first idea to final design

A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Words – So Is A Logo!

The idea behind the business was clear and so was the idea behind what I wanted to represent with the logo.  It was important to me to create something that represented both law enforcement and mental illness.  Something that demonstrated the coming together of the two professions.

The “thin blue line” is a team that typically refers to the concept of the police as the line which keep society from descending into chaos or darkness.  Blue, of course, is the color most typically thought of as the color of the law enforcement uniform.  One of the earliest uses of the phrase was found in poem by Nels Dickmann Anderson, titled “The Thin Blue Line” in 1911.  He was referring, in the poem, to the Army who wore blue uniforms at the time.  It’s use became more commonly known following the use of the term in speeches by LAPD Chief, Bill Parker, in the 1950’s and was then appropriated as the name of a television show, “The Thin Blue Line.”  The symbol is, of course, a royal blue line in a field of black.

In the 1800’s, green was the color thought to be used to label people thought to be mentally ill; but the use of the green ribbon for mental health awareness is less widely known.  However, since the introduction of Mental Health Awareness Month in 1949, the green ribbon has been used in representation.

When I originally took the logo design idea to E. Sierra Media ( I thought I knew exactly what I wanted . . . a green ribbon being pinned on by the thin blue line ribbon.  Easy, right?  Nope.  His team took that original idea and transformed it multiple times until I could decide on the final design.  The picture you see in this blog shows the progression from my original idea to the final logo product we are using today.

Final Logo

Crossroads – Represents the Crossroads that Law Enforcement find themselves when looking at crisis response in communities.

Consulting – obviously, it’s what we do!

360 – Widen the professional view to a full 360 degrees (it also happens to be our area code)

Blue Ribbon outlined in black – represents our law enforcement partners

Green Ribbon – represents our mental health professionals

To us, our name and our logo represent our life’s work.  Our mission and our desire to create something magical in every community by creating the RIGHT response, at the RIGHT time, by the RIGHT person.

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