Marla Johns

President & CEO


Marla began her career in social services in 1995 working in a downtown Emergency Department. Later, Marla moved into administrative work before expanding into community mental health work. While there, Marla realized that brining law enforcement and mental health together was really the culmination of her life’s work; combining her role as LEO wife of more than 20 years with her passion for crisis services. Following the successful launch of multiple mental health/law enforcement collaboration projects, she decided to branch out on her own to cast a wider net of outreach to law enforcement agencies looking to create mental health collaborations. In addition to serving as the President of CC360, Marla works as the primary trainer for the program. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling with her husband and spending time with her family. In addition to CC360, Marla maintains a small private practice in order to remain connected to the profession and the clients it serves.

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Steve Johns

Vice President & Lead Law Enforcement Consultant


Steve started his law enforcement career in 1990 at the Reno Police Department.  During his 21 years at RPD, he was involved in various collateral duties including the Police Explorer Program, Mentoring Program, and the Reno Police Protective Association.

During his Downtown Enforcement Team assignment, he and his partner challenged themselves with providing additional support to the homeless and mentally ill they encountered each day.  After attending a CIT training, they were tasked with instituting a CIT program, which they accomplished in only six months.  Realizing there was much more that could be done, he and his partner created the mobile crisis outreach team where they teamed up with clinical staff and created RPD’s initial embedded team in 2005, which still exists today.  He and his partner received numerous awards for their work on the CIT and the mobile outreach team project including a Governors Commendation, Human Services Network staff members of the year and Congressional commendation from Congressman Gibons.  

After retiring from RPD in 2011, he and his family relocated to the beautiful Pacific Northwest, where he continued his law enforcement career as a Deputy Sheriff for the San Juan County Sheriff’s Department on Orcas Island, Washington.  In 2016, he finally hung up his gun belt and fully retired from law enforcement after a total of twenty-six years.


Steve and his wife have two wonderful children, an amazing grandson, and two adorable mini dachshunds (Magnum and Kimber).  In his free time Steve enjoys travel, Marvel movies, and spending time with family.

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Patrick A. O’Bryan, Jr.

Law Enforcement Consultant


Patrick A. O’Bryan, Jr. is a 24 year veteran of law enforcement, first serving 23 years with the Reno Police Department and then a year as a tribal officer at the Taos Pueblo in Taos, New Mexico.  

During his tenure with RPD, beginning in 1988, Patrick worked on multiple assignments including SWAT, the regional gang unit, DARE instructor, and POST academy instructor.  Additionally, he and his partner created the Mobile Outreach Safety Team (MOST) and developed the agency’s CIT training program.  Patrick also served on a number of internal problem-solving workgroups, committees, and teams.  He integrated his own police-based problem-solving responses with problem-solving courts including coordination with Mental Health Court and Drug Court.  He and his partner received numerous awards for their work on the CIT and the mobile outreach team project including a Governor’s Commendation, Human Services Network staff members of the year, and Congressional commendation from Congressman Gibons. The embedded program created in 2005 still exists today.

Patrick identifies the first of a shift in law enforcement from enforcement only to community policing, which began following the events in the early ’90s in the aftermath of the Rodney King attack and resulting verdict.  RPD created an informal ad-hoc workgroup to begin to tackle what seemed to be a task with diametrically opposing demands:  strengthen the enforcement capabilities while at the same time reducing complaints and lawsuits.  All of this while protecting the City’s misdemeanor law structure from Constitutionality challenges.

“Now, almost twenty years after I began working with the problem-solving teams of the Reno Police Department to create a more effective and compassionate service for the community, law enforcement throughout our nation is facing up to the same problems and constraints as those of that earlier time,” says O’Bryan, “Law enforcement shouldn’t just be responding to the changing expectations of our communities. It should be setting those expectations. This is what I brought to the table twenty years ago. This is what I can bring to the table now!”

Patrick currently lives in Taos, New Mexico where he and his wife enjoy all of the outdoor activities the beautiful area has to offer.

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Randee Hill


Former Mobile Crisis Team original clinical provider

Full Bio Coming Soon!